Senator Tim Kearney

SPRINGFIELD, PA – September 16, 2021 – As a public official entrusted with protecting your voice and your vote, I do not support the PA GOP’s most recent election inquiry or subpoenas that provide access to and put at risk Pennsylvania voters’ private information, including social security and driver’s license numbers. 

Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars can and should be used to help residents in our Commonwealth live a quality life and better navigate everyday life challenges, not pay millions to private vendors chosen by the majority party to conduct a scam review.

My Republican colleagues are choosing to ignore the real needs of Pennsylvanians by seeking to advance this baseless witch hunt that does nothing more than pander to the big lie about the election. They hope to divide and distract us, so we’ll look the other way while they sit on billions of dollars that should be assisting individuals, families, local businesses, and local responders coming out of a global pandemic.

Make no mistake, this is a desperate attempt to grab power and a direct attack on your freedom as a voter.

I believe that voters should pick our leaders and that our leaders do not pick which voters to hear and which to silence—that is why I will continue to work for you. I will continue to protect your freedom to vote, your private information, and your right to have your tax dollars work to enhance your quality of life.