Bywood Community Association, Inc. (BCA)

Senator Tim Kearney (D-Delaware) presented the Bywood Community Association, Inc. with a $50,000 check to assist with a community garden project. Bywood Community Association board members, residents and community stakeholders accepted the check in Upper Darby on Thursday.

SPRINGFIELD, PA – October 14, 2021 – Senator Tim Kearney (D-Delaware) today announced Bywood Community Association, Inc. (BCA) of Upper Darby has been approved for a $50,000 Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grant to assist with a community garden project in the area.

“My office is proud to support the Bywood Community Association and advocate for funding opportunities that help them and other local neighborhood organizations with beautification projects,” said Senator Kearney. “BCA’s ability to partner in the community can become a model of collaboration and cooperation for others looking to invest in local neighborhood beautification projects.”

Started by Bywood Community Association, Inc., the Keep Bywood Beautiful initiative is a catalyst project to increase community engagement through beautification and the maintenance of public and private space.   Multiple neighborhood forums were held to get input about public safety, waste management, open space, and increased neighbor engagement. 

One of the recommendations that got the most excitement was a community garden.  A central place for residents to gather, seed, plant, and harvest vegetables and flowers, the community garden would also offer neighbors the added value of transplanting what’s grown to their own flower boxes, planters, or flower beds and cutting weekly grocery bills. 

 “BCA applauds Senator Tim Kearney for his assistance in the approval of a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development,” said Bywood Community Association Chairman Rev. Nathaniel Goodson. “As a result of his efforts, we will be able to continue our work in making Bywood a better Community.”

The Bywood community does not stand alone in Making Bywood Better.  Organizations from across the greater metropolitan area have joined the people of Bywood to strengthen their capacity to launch and sustain this effort including: Upper Darby Township, Penn State Extensions Program, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Delaware County Community College just to name a few. The Keep Bywood Beautiful Empowerment Project is an example of what is possible through partnership and the beginning of what can happen in any neighborhood.

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The accompanying photo shows Senator Kearney presenting BCA board members, residents, and community stakeholders with a $50,000 check.