Senator John Kane

Chester, PA – February 3, 2021 – State Senator John Kane (D-Delaware, Chester) reacted to the Governor’s proposed budget, outlined today in the virtual budget address. 

“The Governor’s proposed budget is a bold plan to support working families and get our Commonwealth back to work for working people. We’re coming off one of the hardest economic years for working people in decades, and we need to take bold action to provide opportunity and resources for all Pennsylvanians. Like the Governor highlighted in his address, the goal of the budget is to “break down barriers”, from physical barriers like unpaved roads to economic barriers like jobs that don’t pay enough to live on,” said Senator Kane.

In particular, Senator Kane pointed to the measures to support working families and equitably fund education as important steps forward to improve the lives of his constituents.

“I came from a career as a union plumber. I know what it’s like to work to make ends meet, to fight to find a job that will pay enough to put food on the table. The proposed budget would lower taxes for 40% of Pennsylvanians, raise the minimum wage to ensure it’s enough for workers to live on, and fairly fund our schools without putting the burden on families and seniors through increased property taxes. That’s how we get a Pennsylvania that works for working folks.”

Senator Kane also noted the proposal’s commitment to prioritizing public health through an investment in local health departments. Last month, Senator Kane sent a letter to the Governor, highlighting the need for funding to allow Delaware County to establish its own health department.

“Delaware County is the largest county in the entire country without a health department. That means our residents are lacking critical resources to improve their lives and increase health equity. I’m glad to see the Governor making this a priority in the budget.”

Full details of the Governor’s plan are available here.