HARRISBURG, PA March 28, 2024 − State Senator John I. Kane is pleased to announce over $3 million in grant funding awarded to the 9th Senatorial District from the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Multimodal Transportation Fund.

This fund is dedicated to the development, rehabilitation, and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities, streetscape, lighting, sidewalk enhancement, pedestrian safety, connectivity of transportation assets, and transit-oriented development.

Senator Kane stated, “These grants represent a substantial investment in the infrastructure of our communities. They’ll be put to use enhancing safety, improving accessibility, and promoting growth in our district. Our communities in the 9th District deserve the best, and this funding will help make that possible.”

The Commonwealth Financing Authority approved the grant on the morning of March 26th 2024. The authority was established in 2004 as an independent agency of DCED to administer Pennsylvania’s economic development programs.

The grant awards are as follows:

Chester County:

  • Improvements to East Baltimore Pike and Schoolhouse Road$750,000

(158th Representative District with Rep Christina Sappey)

Delaware County:

  • Pedestrian crosswalk improvements in Aston Township$377,706.

(161st House District with Rep Leanne Krueger)

  • Construction of Phase 2 of the Chester Creek Trail – $300,000.

(161st House District with Rep Leanne Krueger)

  • Installation of flashing beacons near Wallingford Elementary School by Nether Providence Township$208,200.

(161st House District with Rep Leanne Krueger)

  • Roadway improvements at West Chester Pike and North Crum Road by Edgmont Lot B-1, LP$734,640.

(168th Representative District with Rep Lisa Borowski)

  • Creation of a pedestrian-friendly environment at the intersection of Chichester Avenue and Market Street by Lower Chichester Township$442,152.

(159th House District with Rep Carol Kazeem)

  • Pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Chichester Avenue and Huddell Avenue by Lower Chichester Township – $250,000.

(159th House District with Rep Carol Kazeem)

For more information, please contact the office of State Senator John I. Kane.