Senator Jay Costa

Harrisburg, PA − September 10, 2021Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa today issued the following statement in response to President Pro Tempore’s Jake Corman’s announcement on 2020 election investigation:

“Senate Democrats stand for protecting an individual’s right to vote. The Senate Republicans announcement today of their intention to issue unlawful subpoenas and “to take other steps necessary to get access to ballots and other voting materials” is shocking and a blatant disregard of a voter’s constitutional right that their ballot is secret. 

The Senate Republicans announcement completely contradicts what their own committee chairman stated on the record yesterday about how this is not about the rehashing last year’s election, but rather looking forward to see what needs to be changed in our state election laws. This is their latest attempt to disenfranchise voters and undermine the integrity of our electoral system.

I find it disgraceful that Senate Republicans have chosen to waste precious time and resources at the expense of taxpayers calling into question the legitimacy of an election in which the rest of this Commonwealth and nation has put behind them. It is time to move forward and get down to doing the people’s business. It’s time for us to focus on real issues affecting real people.”