Senator Vincent Hughes

Harrisburg, PA – August 3, 2023 − Today, HB 1100, a bill that will amend the Property Tax and Rent Rebate (PT/RR) Program, completed the final step in passing the Senate and will now be sent to Governor Shapiro to sign into law. The legislation will expand eligible income thresholds to include an additional 173,000 individuals in the program. It will also increase the maximum rebate amount for recipients to $1,000, which will nearly double rebates for many of the 400,000 people who already qualify.

Pennsylvania Democrats have fought for many years to expand the PT/RR program to ensure income limits and maximum rebate amounts account for inflation and the rising cost of living. With no adjustment over 16 years, many low-income seniors have not qualified. Those who have qualified struggled to make their rebate stretch as the cost of living increased from 2007 to now.

Senator Hughes shared the following statement in response to the historic expansion to the program:

“Pennsylvania’s Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program hasn’t been adjusted for inflation and rising costs sing 2007. That’s sixteen years of inaction by Republicans. But today, Democrats delivered for hundreds of thousands of seniors.

Expanding who is eligible for Property Tax and Rent Rebates and how much they receive has been a top priority for Democrats. We knew this program needed to address inflation, rising costs, and the basic needs of many low-income seniors, and we worked together to make that happen.

I was proud to vote ‘yes’ on this expansion to the program and I’m happy to see it sent to Governor Shapiro so we can finally deliver more relief to more seniors.

Our constituents rely on us to get things done and deliver solutions that directly impact them. This expansion is a great example of lawmakers doing what’s right for the good of Pennsylvanians.”