Senator Hughes Celebrates Investments in Affordable Housing in Mantua

Philadelphia, PA January 22, 2024 − Senator Vincent Hughes hosted a check presentation at 39thand Brown, in the Mantua neighborhood of Philadelphia, to celebrate a new state investment that will support affordable housing in the area. $500,000 was presented to Mount Vernon Manor CDC for their project that will yield three affordable housing units and a new community office space where clients can get help and guidance on housing services.

Senator Hughes explained, “The fight to build more affordable housing continues, and it happens on all levels. Whether we’re building projects with a large amount of affordable housing units, or projects like the one we’re standing in front of that will offer three affordable housing units. We are working with community leaders, the mayor’s office, and our fellow lawmakers to make a difference in the affordable housing space, one unit, one block at a time.”

Senator Hughes was joined by Representative Amen Brown, Deborah Mahler, Senior Advisor to Mayor Parker, and Michael Thorpe, Executive Director of Mount Vernon Manor CDC. The group celebrated this win for affordable housing in Mantua and noted several other affordable housing projects that are in development in the area, including the Triangle Senior Housing project and the 40thStreet Apartments project.

“I’m thankful to see transformation on this corner,” said Rep. Brown. “This is what it’s going to take to make investment happen, collaboration from the community, House of Representatives, and the Senate.”

“We are so grateful for the support of lawmakers and our community to make this project happen. We’re looking forward to bringing this new space and affordable housing units that will serve a population of 20-60% AMI to Mantua,” said Michael Thorpe.

A full video of the check presentation is available online