June 12, 2024 – Today, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) announced that a $25 million dollar grant that was awarded to the Philadelphia Police Department in 2022 will now be used for new equipment, systems, and training for the Philadelphia Police Department. The funds will support an overall improvement of investigations, forensic capabilities, and safety measures throughout the city.

“We fought for these funds to help law enforcement better solve crimes and for community members to know there is closure and accountability when crimes are committed in their neighborhoods,” said Senator Hughes. “$25 million dollars for new equipment, training, and technology will provide law enforcement with better tools and skills to solve crimes and bring peace and safety to communities.”

Senator Hughes, Senate Democratic Appropriations Chair, worked alongside his colleagues to secure the PCCD funding that utilized Pennsylvania’s federal COVID-19 aid to address the often outdated and inadequate tools that are being used by Philadelphia police and the District Attorney’s office.

Specifically, the grant funds will be used to purchase:

  • National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) training,
  • Firearms identification equipment,
  • Forensic equipment and software,
  • Crime scene processing equipment,
  • In-car camera systems,
  • Anti-drone technology,
  • Contracts to implement hardware and software configurations, and
  • Related supplies and training to support the reduction of violent crime.

More information about PCCD Local Law Enforcement grants can be found online.