Scranton November 17, 2023 − In a joint effort, Senator Marty Flynn and State Representatives Kyle Mullins, Bridget Kosierowski, and Kyle Donahue are deeply concerned in regards to the substantial water-rate increases proposed by Pennsylvania American Water. The proposed hikes, ranging from 25% to 32%, scheduled for August 2024, are raising alarms about the impact on the affordability of water services for local residents.

In the rate-hike request filed on November 8 with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the suggested increases for typical water bills include:

  • Residential: A 25% increase, raising the cost from $70.65 to $88.24 for 3,201 gallons a month.
  • Commercial: A 27% increase, elevating charges from $346.13 to $439.77 for 22,094 gallons a month.
  • Industrial: A 32% increase, escalating fees from $7,663.50 to $10,173.68 for 685,947 gallons a month.

The financial burden on residents has deeply concerned Senator Flynn and State Representatives on what they describe as a “massive increase which will burden our working families and seniors on fixed incomes and have a devastating impact on monthly budgets.”

Senator Flynn and State Reps are set to hold a press conference Monday, November 20th at 11am on Stafford Ave in Scranton advocating for local residents. He emphasizes the detrimental impact on affordability and highlights the pressing need to ensure that essential water services remain affordable to all.

As the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission reviews the requested rate increase, residents are encouraged to:

  • Send Letters: Address concerns or objections to the PUC, emphasizing the potential adverse impact on household budgets.
  • Attend Public Input Hearings: Present testimony at PUC public input hearings, expressing views and concerns.
  • File Formal Complaints: Become a party to the case by filing a formal complaint before January 7, 2024. This will allow residents to participate in all hearings about the rate increase request and receive copies of all materials distributed by other parties.

For more information, residents can contact the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission at 1-800-692-7380 or visit

Senator Flynn remains steadfast in advocating for residents and safeguarding against what they perceive as an unwarranted financial burden on the community.