Norristown, PA December 7, 2021 − Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti announced today that Senate District 17 has received $3,080,000 in finding through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. 

“I’m glad to see these infrastructure investments being made in our community. This funding for Norristown will provide additional housing right on Main Street,” said Senator Cappelletti. “Elmwood Park Zoo will be able to expand their exhibits and provide more opportunities for our community to learn about the diverse fauna they care for. This investment into renewable energy in Upper Merion is inspiring as we all look for ways to conduct business while protecting the environment. All of these projects will add to our community’s quality of life.” 

The Municipality of Norristown was awarded $2,000,000 for the Norristown Mixed Use Redevelopment at Main and Dekalb Streets. The project will entail the construction of a multi-story mixed use building at the vacant lot on the northwest corner of Main and DeKalb Streets in downtown Norristown. The first floor will be parking and commercial space, second floor parking, and third to seventh floors will be residential rental units.

Elmwood Park Zoo was awarded $700,000 for a project that will construct a bridge to cross a portion of Stony Creek. It will include preliminary site work and improvements, and the forming of concrete abutments on both sides of the waterway, along with materials for the bridge decking. The bridge must be significant enough to hold emergency vehicles. It will provide access for zoo personal to the land adjacent to the current animal exhibits and allow for pedestrian traffic to the new exhibits.

“These investments will benefit our community and serve as a catalyst for growth in the local economy,” said Representative Matt Bradford. “From new construction to create more parking and housing downtown, to vital infrastructure improvements in and around our zoo – these projects will help make Norristown a better place to live, work, and visit.”

Arkema Incorporated, located in Upper Merion, was awarded $380,000.  Arkema was awarded the funding for the Sunrise Solar and Battery Storage project. The project is an energy infrastructure project consisting of a 1.3MW cogeneration system, various energy infrastructure improvements, laboratory efficiency upgrades, EV charging stations and the solar and battery storage system. The project will include a 473.4 kW solar array connected to a 200 kW/356 kWh battery energy storage system. The solar system will be installed on the rooftop of Building 14 on Arkema’s campus, which is a standing seam metal roof, making for a faster and easier installation.

The full statewide list of projects and awards can be found at: Office of the Budget.