Wayne, PA December 16, 2021 − Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti today announced the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) located in Wayne has been approved for a $50,000 Department of Human Services grant to expand financial coaching and resource coordination services.

“I am thrilled to have secured this funding for the Women’s Resource Center,” said Senator Cappelletti. “Financial education is extremely important but in short supply. By giving the Women’s Resource Center the resources they need to expand programming, they will be able to better serve more members of our community when they are most in need.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of the challenges already faced by the women coming to the Women’s Resource Center for help. This funding will enable to WRC to provide a total of 1,080 Resource Coordination and Financial Coaching sessions to assist 45 women in pursuing a living wage sufficient to support themselves and their families over a twelve-to-eighteen-month period.

Throughout the pandemic, millions of women have lost their jobs, due to caregiving responsibilities, at home schooling, and safety concerns from the Coronavirus, among others,” said Cheryl Brubaker, Executive Director of WRC. “The Women’s Resource Center is grateful to Senator Cappelletti’s assistance in obtaining this generous grant from the PA Department of Human Services, a grant that will provide crucial Resource Coordination services for women facing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. Through Resource Coordination, these women will gain professional social work assistance to address immediate, basic needs, as well as develop and implement a plan to support long-term financial stability and resilience.”

Find the recording of the grant presentation here.