Montgomery County – May 26, 2021 – Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti (D- Montgomery and Delaware) and Representative Matt Bradford (D- Montgomery) today announced $300,000 has been awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) to address blighted properties in Norristown, Montgomery County. Grant funding from the CFA will be used for engineering, demolition, and environmental cleanup at each of the properties. 

“Demolishing these blighted properties makes way for revitalization and new opportunity for the residents of Norristown,” said Senator Cappelletti. “The properties that are being torn down are beyond repair and if left as is will only be a source of danger in our neighborhood. This investment paves the way for new possibilities in those spaces.”

CFA’s Blight Remediation Program provides funds to help Pennsylvania’s communities remediate and remove blighted properties so they can revitalize neighborhoods. The presence of blighted and abandoned buildings has been linked to loss in property value, health and safety threats, increased crime, and higher taxes. The program aims to make a direct investment in infrastructure that detracts from a city’s growth and ability to flourish because of these decaying properties. 

“Blight is a problem that doesn’t go away on its own — and when left to deteriorate further, has a devastating impact on a neighborhood’s ability to grow and thrive,” said Representative Bradford. “These state funds will help tackle blight and remediate hazards on over a dozen properties, which will lead to a better Norristown.”