HARRISBURG − October 4, 2023  – Senator Lisa M. Boscola (D-Northampton) announced the advancement of her legislation, SB473, which goes after drivers with unpaid tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Senate, in a 50-0 vote, favorably passed SB473 on final passage.

Senator Boscola’s innovative bill proposes the garnishment of Pennsylvania Lottery winnings and state income tax returns from offenders to recover unpaid tolls. With bipartisan backing from the Senate, SB473 now advances to the House of Representatives.

Senator Boscola, the driving force behind SB473, stressed the critical nature of the bill, stating, “Law-abiding Pennsylvanians have consistently paid their fair share. However, repeated toll offenders are escaping accountability. Without more effective measures, we risk the erosion of the entire system as more individuals seek to evade payment.”

Initially introduced in 2022, SB473 was prompted by a report from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, revealing a concerning projected loss of $155 million in unpaid tolls from April 2021 to March 2022—a 49% increase from the prior year’s $105 million. The Turnpike’s 2023 report indicates a further rise in unpaid tolls, reaching $170 million, up by an additional $15 million from the previous year.

Expressing gratitude for the bipartisan support, Senator Boscola remarked, “I extend my sincere thanks to colleagues on both sides of the aisle for recognizing the significance of this bill. Implementing creative methods to maximize collections is vital, allowing us to reinvest those funds in Turnpike improvement projects.”

With the Senate’s approval, SB473 proceeds to the House Transportation Committee for further consideration, marking a substantial step forward in Pennsylvania’s efforts to effectively address toll evasion and support essential infrastructure enhancements.