Senator Art Haywood

HARRISBURG – June 30, 2023 − Senator Art Haywood (D-4) issued the following statement in response to the US Supreme Court Decision to prohibit the student loan forgiveness by the executive branch:

“Today, the Supreme Court decision to prohibit the executive branch from enacting student loan forgiveness means that over 40 million Americans will resume making loan payments without any relief.

“After three years of paused payments, student loan payments are scheduled to resume as early as September of this year. In the wake of a global pandemic and the rising cost of living, this will be a tremendously challenging adjustment without the relief of the Biden administration’s forgiveness plan.

“My daughter, like millions of hard-working people across PA and the nation, has been anxiously awaiting student debt relief. She applied and was approved to benefit from the forgiveness programs. This disappointing decision by The Supreme Court puts the burden of debt back on her and her family’s shoulders.

“This decision puts achieving the American dream further out of reach, as student loan debt makes it harder for individuals across the nation to purchase their first home, open a business, or start a family.

“Despite this decision, there is still action the Biden Administration can pursue to bring this much-needed relief to the American people, and I am hopeful that these avenues will be explored in earnest.”