Senator Art Haywood

Philadelphia, PA − July 19, 2023 − Senator Art Haywood (D-4) announces the activities, programs, and current partners involved in one of the first city-wide efforts to increase public safety by means of the Safe Summer 2023 campaign in partnership with Philadelphia Ceasefire, and Community Capacity Development which co-leads Safe Summer initiatives in 27 cities nationwide is proud to provide it expertise in Human and Healing justice training, technical assistance and training support to Temple University, and other organizations within the Northwest peace coalition.

“Our strategy is Saturate high-crime areas with love. This means meeting people where they are to provide direct access to resources that meet the unmet needs of those who need them the most. Our Saturate with Love strategy will offer a positive and alternative plan to drive people away from violent choices,” said Senator Haywood. “Through the targeted approach provided by my office and the impactful coalition of partner organizations, we are able to address gun violence with a combination of interventions and resources.

“We intend to grow our list of partners well beyond the list presented above through this year’s Safe Summer Initiative,” emphasizes Marla Davis-Bellamy, the Director of Philadelphia Ceasefire. “We lead the coordination of the Philly HUB Network and the Stronger Together Coalition, which is a collective of organizations, non-profits, hospitals, social workers, activists, block campaigns, parents, and concerned citizens that are brought together for weekly virtual meetings to help those impacted by violent crime to rebound, and for those engaged in violent crime to change their behavior.”

“Building on our success to reduce violent crime, Phila. Ceasefire is the Commonwealth’s first Cure Violence replication site. An evaluation in 2017 recorded a 30% reduction in shootings in North Philadelphia. We are looking forward to working with Sen. Haywood and duplicating our success in Northwest Phila and Chester, PA. With funding support from PCCD, Phila. Ceasefire will hire local outreach workers and violence interrupters and partner with Community Capacity Development of NYC led by K Bain, a leading expert in community driven public safety and co-architect of the NYC Crisis Management System. Our work with CCD, Inc. will enable us to further engage our elected officials, city agencies, local non-profits, faith leaders and area businesses in becoming more proactive, eliminating siloes and embracing a public health approach to crime which is embedded in our theme Stronger Together.”

Executive Director and Founder of CCD K.Bain  when on to say state that “Philadelphia serves as a vital hub for our Human Justice efforts due to its rich history, diverse population, and vibrant community activism. The city has a long-standing legacy of resilience and determination, making it the perfect setting to confront the challenges faced by black and brown neighborhoods most affected by violence. By partnering with local organizations and community stakeholders, and elected officials we have an incredible opportunity to amplify the voices and experiences of those most impacted with our Safe Summer 2023 initiative as well as the implementing our Human Justice and healing model. ”

“Temple University’s support of violence reduction remains a top priority,” said, Valerie Harrison, Vice President of DE&I at Temple University. “That is why we not only enthusiastically house Philadelphia Ceasefire but are grateful for our vital connection to Pennsylvania Senator Art Haywood and the ongoing financial support from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. This most recent partnership will enable Philadelphia Ceasefire to work with Senator Haywood, community leaders, businesses, and law enforcement in Northwest Philadelphia and the City of Chester to save lives.”

“Local businesses play an important role in creating a safer Philadelphia,” said Quentin Williams, Adjunct Professor at Temple University and CEO of DragonTree Media, LLC (DTM). “A safer Philadelphia is a more prosperous Philadelphia. Peace and prosperity are not merely a function of a good business plan. Still, rather, it’s a result of addressing the holistic needs of the community, which is why we are assisting with the coordination effort in partnership with the Senator and Ceasefire.”

The press event took place Wednesday, July 19, at 11am at Braid Mill, 411 High Street, Phila. PA.