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Pennsylvania opens budget season with stable tax collections

EDITORIAL Being on time not good enough this budget year

A boost in the minimum wage in this year’s Pa. budget?


Pennsylvania lawmaker floats local campaign finance ‘transparency’ bill

Audit cries for reform

Where sports gambling stands in Pennsylvania and surrounding states



Pittsburgh needs bolder action on clean energy

Protesters want Pittsburgh’s mayor to take a stand against Beaver County cracker plant

A save for dairy farms: Pa. agriculture is an asset to preserve and support


Lawmakers’ lives aren’t more important than children’s, says lawmaker proposing to enhance school safety

Rothfus legislation would better track funds for opioid grants, programs

Pushed by voters, GOP moderates rebel on immigration


Judge orders county Dems to continue use of secret ballots

Why open primary elections won’t solve Pa.’s polarization problem


Strong hiring in May cuts unemployment rate to 18-year low

Judge halts most restrictive abortion law in the nation

Eagles fan accused of punching police horse suing team, cops