Senator Jay Costa

Pittsburgh, PANovember 15, 2023 − Today, the Pennsylvania Senate passed HB 1461, a bill to fund state-related universities, by a vote of 45-5. This was well above the constitutionally required two-thirds vote necessary to fund Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple, and Lincoln. 

In response, Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, releases the following statement: 

“I am delighted that this legislature will finally be driving out much-needed funding to our state-related universities, including the institution of higher learning in my backyard, the University of Pittsburgh,” said Senator Costa. “These dollars directly support reduced tuition for our in-state students, saving each student about $14,000 annually. While I wish that we were able to provide an increase as proposed by the governor, I recognize that we are nearly five months past our budget deadline. It’s imperative that we move this process to the governor’s desk. As we continue to work together to finish the budget process, I am confident we can continue to deliver funding to improve the lives of every Pennsylvanian.” 

HB 1461 now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.