PITTSBURGH, February 26, 2019 — Senator Lindsey M. Williams and Representative Ed Gainey expressed disappointment that the Corbet-appointed Charter Appeal Board overruled the Pittsburgh Public School Board’s unanimous decision to deny a charter to Catalyst Academy today.

“While I am thankful that Secretary Rivera made a motion to uphold Pittsburgh Public School Board’s unanimous decision to deny Catalyst Academy’s charter, I cannot understand how the majority of the CAB was able to ignore the mountains of evidence considered by the local school board when issuing their denial,” said Senator Williams. “Simply put, the CAB should not be overruling our local school boards in this manner.”

I am in support of local School Boards to have the right to determine what is best for our school district,” said Representative Gainey. “It is very disappointing to see on appeal that the Catalyst Charter School was given approval to operate a Charter School. Our elected school Board district knows what is best for our school district. Today is a very disappointing day.”

The Pittsburgh Public School Board cited a lack of curriculum for students with disabilities and an extreme proposed discipline policy, as well as a significant duplication of services in its denial of Catalyst Academy’s application.