PHILADELPHIA – April 2, 2019 – Sen. Anthony H. Williams called on the Philadelphia School Board to reconsider their vote to mandate metal detectors in all Philadelphia schools.

“The Board had an opportunity to thoroughly review their use and find a better way to protect public school students while providing welcoming community spaces conducive to education,” said Williams in a letter he sent to the schoolboard today.

Williams stated that while he understands the motivation the school board felt to try to protect the children of their community, placing metal detectors in all Philly schools may not be the best way to do that.

“I certainly understand the frustration and despair of those who feel that public officials are not listening to their concerns,” said Williams about the protesters who shut down the school board meeting on Thursday night over the mandated metal detectors. Williams said he did not necessarily agree with the protester’s tactics, but he understands their frustration at the process in which this decision was made.

“This top-down approach to policy led to the outbursts during the Board of Education meeting,” said Williams.

Williams urged every member of the school board to be a true representative of their community, and to reconsider the mandate of metal detectors in Philadelphia schools.