Senator Sharif Street

Philadelphia, PA − January 5, 2022 − Senator Sharif Street released the following statement following his visit with family at the site of this morning’s tragic fire in the Fairmount community that killed 13 people:

“I, like many, am filled with remorse following this morning’s devastating news of a fire in Fairmount which killed thirteen people, including seven children.  Government can and must do better. The number of people inhabiting the duplex was many times that which it should have been.  Let’s be clear. This is not a choice people make when there is an abundance of, or even adequate, resources. There is a scarcity issue that must be addressed. Housing is a fundamental right.  It is security. It is dignity. And affordable, accessible housing is one way government fulfills our constitutional mandate to keep communities safe. It is our responsibility to provide it. This is on us.  I, along with my colleagues, will work with these families to provide resources and do our best to make them whole. And then we must address the underlying issues that lead to this tragedy. I applaud our courageous first responders who reacted quickly and prevented further loss of life.”

Senator Street will work with colleagues to address the social service needs of the families as they rebuild. The office has also engaged the Philadelphia Housing Authority and other local officials to gain more information on the specifics as to what lead to this tragedy.