Pittsburgh, Pa.January 17, 2024 − Senator Lindsey M. Williams (D-Allegheny), Representative Mandy Steele (D-33), and Rep. Arvind Venkat (D-30) announced $697,600 in Act 13 Greenways, Trails and Recreation grants to projects that will benefit Cheswick, O’Hara, Pine, Springdale, McCandless, and surrounding communities.

Grantees receiving Act 13 funds in Senate District 38 and House District 33 are:

  • Cheswick Borough will receive $23,813 for the Borough Park and Recreation Planning to create a riverfront development plan that focuses on public access to the shoreline and helps promote economic gains in Cheswick and Tarentum.
  • O’Hara Township will receive $80,450 for the Meadow Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation project, which includes milling and resurfacing the courts, replacing nets and fencing, and repairing disturbed areas.
  • Cheswick Borough will receive $204,406 for the Rachel Carson Pavilion and Restroom Construction.
  • The Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy will receive $40,000 for the Riddle Run Recreation and Conservation Plan, which will identify opportunities to connect Agan Park and the Valley View Open Space by trails, recreational spaces, or conservation.

“Community parks and trails have long been at the core of my work because the improve quality of life for people, create gathering spaces, and improve property values,” said Representative Steele. “We are fortunate to have leaders and residents across this district that understand the incredible value of parks, trails, and green spaces in our communities. I’ll continue to work with the Senator to drive funding into these important projects.”

“The Allegheny Riverfront communities are working hard to embrace our rivers and riverfronts in a new way—instead of purely industrial, these areas are now being developed for recreation and entertainment,” said Senator Williams. “I’m incredibly happy to bring state investments to support these local projects that create opportunities to connect residents to our waterways and to one another.”

In Senate District 38 and House District 30, the Town of McCandless will receive $98,931 for their Parks Master Site Development Plan and Pine Creek Corridor Trail Feasibility Study.

“This grant provides us with the opportunity to enhance recreational facilities in McCandless, as well as protect our environment through the enhancement of our trails,” Venkat said. “Thanks to the advocacy of Sen. Williams and myself, we will invest in our community in a way that will benefit residents and the environment.”

“McCandless Township and its residents have prioritized trails and neighborhood connectivity in their most recent comprehensive plan,” said Senator Williams. “Investment in these types of projects creates closer-knit communities and allows more people of all ages and abilities to get outside safely. I’m thrilled to bring state investment to support these projects.

In Senate District 38, Pine Township will receive $250,000 for the Pine Creek Wetland Trail, which will connect the Community Park and Pine-Richland School District campus. Funds from this grant will be used to install a new hiking trail, two fiberglass bridges for stream crossings, a wetland bridge crossing, and signage.

“Increasing safe pedestrian mobility for residents, especially between neighborhoods and their local schools, is a priority for me,” said Senator Williams. “Projects like this Wetland Trail increase opportunities for recreation for the entire community, but they also give more kids the chance to avoid a long bus ride and the accompanying pollution that comes with that ride. Until we are able to change our bus fleets over to electric vehicles, giving more students walkable options is a wonderful way to help improve health and wellness.”

Act 13 grants are administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) and are funded through the Marcellus Legacy Fund and unconventional gas well impact fees to counties, municipalities and commonwealth agencies. The Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program (GTRP) allocates funds for planning, acquisition, development, rehabilitation and repair of greenways, recreational trails, open space, parks and beautification projects.

Additional information about the Act 13 grants can be found here.