Children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

Allegheny County September 1, 2021 – Sen. Wayne Fontana today released the following statement on the Wolf Administration’s action regarding masks in schools:

“In ordering masking for Pennsylvania students, teachers, and staff, the Wolf Administration has taken a reasoned, compassionate, and logical approach to keeping schools open during a dangerous resurgence of COVID-19.

“There is no question that masks prevent spread of the virus and that the Delta variant presents sufficient risk to require extraordinary action.  Given the considerable amount of irresponsible and inaccurate information spreading across the internet and social media, the best way to protect the health of children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine is to follow the advice of the medical community and the CDC.

“Keeping schools open must be a priority. Keeping schools open safely for staff, parents, and students is a responsibility that the administration has rightly embraced.  Given that responsibility, I encourage all school personnel, parents, and eligible students to get vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can continue in-person learning for the entirety of another challenging school year.

“Community members also have a responsibility to protect themselves and others from the dangerous COVID variant that has overwhelmed states without strong science-based leadership.  Our health-care workers have served our communities with historic effort and sacrifice, and masking is a minimal acknowledgement of that service.

“Please protect our community. Wear masks in close quarters.  Get vaccinated.  For more information on where to get vaccinated, visit my website:”