Senator Collett

Harrisburg, Pa. − June 6, 2023 − During National Gun Violence Awareness Month, Senator Maria Collett (D-12 Montgomery) is renewing her call to prioritize public safety and pass popular, lifesaving gun safety legislation in Pennsylvania. She spoke on the issue on the Senate floor on Monday.

“Every Pennsylvanian deserves to live a life free from gun violence, but tragically, that is just not our reality,” said Senator Collett. “Each year I have stood on this floor and called upon my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to listen to the more than 80 percent of Pennsylvanians who support at least some gun reform and to act by bringing any one of the dozens of bills which would reduce the threat of gun violence in our communities to a floor vote, or even a committee vote.”  

After years of inaction under a Republican majority, in May, the Pennsylvania House passed a universal background check bill and “red flag” legislation – measures supported by 80-90% of Americans. Senator Collett is proud to cosponsor the senate versions of these bills, SB 60 and SB 204 respectively, in addition to a wide range of popular policy solutions, like:

Senator Collett’s Local Regulation of Firearms bill, introduced for the third consecutive legislative session, would allow municipalities to restrict the presence and use of firearms at properties and facilities they own or operate. Senator Collett commented: “Firearms are prohibited in the Capitol building to protect legislators and staff. Why should our protection be more important than the protection of the citizens who work at and visit our local municipal buildings, public libraries, and playgrounds?”

Collett concluded: “Our Commonwealth is falling behind and it’s far past due for common sense gun reforms. I’m ready to vote on these lifesaving bills and urge my Senate majority colleagues to listen to the majority of Pennsylvanians who support these reforms and bring them up for a vote. We have no time to lose.”

Watch Senator Collett’s floor remarks on gun safety here.