Harrisburg, March 20, 2018 ­– Sen. John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) voted to push forward a package of domestic violence protections being considered by the Senate.

Sabatina, a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 501, helped pass the bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill is now on the Senate’s voting calendar.

Senate Bill 501 would require that a person who is served a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order must relinquish all firearms, weapons and ammunition to law enforcement, a licensed dealer in firearms, or their attorney. The legislation shortens the time required to surrender their firearm from 60 days to 48 hours. It would also close the loophole that allowed a person who has been served a PFA from giving their firearms to a family member, friend, or neighbor for safe-keeping.

“I am proud to co-sponsor and support this legislation,” said Sabatina. “Police answering domestic violence calls and victims of abuse need to be assured that abusers are no longer in possession of weapons that could be used to harm them and their loved ones.”

Sabatina, a former assistant district attorney in Philadelphia, said that “the dangerous issue of third-party safekeeping has been overlooked for too long and is glad to help address and correct the issue.”

The legislation is supported by the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Pennsylvania law enforcement.