HARRISBURG – June 19, 2019 – Senator John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) was pleased to see Marsy’s Law pass unanimously in the Senate today by a vote of 50-0. The version that passed the Senate is State Rep. Delozier’s companion bill, HB 276, which is identical to Sen. Sabatina’s bill (SB 149).

“Pennsylvanians will now have the opportunity to enshrine victim’s rights in our constitution,” Sabatina said. “All district attorney’s will be compelled to inform victim’s about the status of their cases, when hearings are, and whether a plea deal will be offered.

Marsy’s law would make victim’s rights constitutional.

“Marsy’s Law will provide victims standing in a court of law,” Sabatina said. “They should be welcomed at the sentencing hearing as well as being able to collect restitution. Marsy’s Law provides that for us. Pennsylvania will be a state where crime victims receive their fair share of rights and protections.”

The issue will likely be a referendum on the ballot this November, for voters to decide whether Marsy’s Law is added to the constitution.