Harrisburg, PA − December 31, 2020 − Sen. John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) is pleased to announce that a “Growing Greener” grant of $178,458 has been awarded to Riverfront North Partnership for their Pennypack Creek Streambank Stabilization project.

“This incredible organization continually proves to be a committed and valued member of our community,” Sabatina said. “For too long we have been disconnected from our waterfront. Riverfront North’s vision is to give us access to a clean and enjoyable waterfront. This is just another step forward toward achieving that goal.”

The Pennypack project will address a badly eroded section of streambank along the Pennypack Creek in Northeast Philadelphia through a natural material retaining structure and associated plantings. Another component of the project is the restoration of the adjacent riparian forest and improved public access.

The funding comes from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Growing Greener program.

“This project will help clean up the waterway of pollutants,” Sabatina added. “I congratulate Riverfront North on this award.”