SCRANTON, PA − January 5, 2024 − Senator Marty Flynn and State Representative Kyle Donahue, in collaboration with State Representatives Bridget Kosierowski, Kyle Mullins, and Jim Haddock, played a pivotal role in a teleconference meeting held on January 3rd with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to address the pressing issue of the water/sewer rate increase.

This period presents a significant opportunity for the community, especially those with fixed incomes and elderly citizens, to actively participate in the ongoing discourse surrounding the water/sewer rate hike. Senator Flynn and Representatives Donahue, Kosierowski, Mullins, and Haddock strongly encourage all affected individuals, particularly those facing financial challenges, to take advantage of this allocated time frame and promptly submit their grievances.

A heartfelt thank you to the Northeast Legislative Delegation for their unwavering support and efforts in securing this public grievance submission period. Your dedication to the community is truly appreciated.

To simplify the complaint submission process, a dedicated office has been established at 341 N Washington Ave in downtown Scranton. This central location will serve as a hub for citizens, providing accessible support for those in need and fostering engagement to facilitate a more comprehensive discourse on this critical issue.

The Senator and State Representatives fervently encourage community members to actively participate by submitting complaints and attending the forthcoming public hearing, scheduled for the week of January 29th (details on event time and location to follow). They stress the significance of collective community voices in influencing the resolution of this matter.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:
Oppose PA Water Hike
341 N Washington Ave Scranton PA