SB 316, PN 295 (Gordner) – This legislation would allow Second Class Township boards of supervisors to authorize newly elected supervisors to attend trainings relevant to their elected office prior to assuming office. This would also allow the boards of supervisors to pay for the expenses of these trainings. A vote of 48-0 was recorded.

SB 317, PN 296 (Gordner) – This legislation amends Section 3202 of the Second Class Township Code, providing for annual budget notification requirements. The legislation changes the number of days between advertising an amended annual budget (after significant errors are discovered in the initial proposed budget) and adoption of a final budget from 20 days to 10 days. Secondly, this legislation removes the requirement in Section 3202 to use a uniform budget form that is no longer in use, and made obsolete by Act 35 of 2000. A vote of 48-0 was recorded.