SB 757, PN 826 (Stefano) – This bill addresses a technical issue with language included in the Fiscal Code for FY 2022-23 for distribution of appropriated monies for Pennsylvania Chartered Schools for Deaf and Blind Children. The motion to suspend Rule 12 passed by vote of 30-17. A vote of 28-19 was recorded on the bill.

HB 1300, PN 1446 (Mehaffie) – An Act amending the act of November 24, 2015 (P.L.232, No.64), known as the Pennsylvania Long-term Care Council Act, further providing for Pennsylvania Long-term Care Council. A vote of 29-18 was recorded.

SB 829, PN 1014 (Aument) – An Act authorizing the Department of General Services, with the approval of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Governor, to grant and convey certain easements through and across lands of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the Township of Manheim, County of Lancaster, for purposes of a road realignment project and to accept from the Township of Manheim existing right-of-way to be abandoned as part of the road realignment project. A vote of 47-0 was recorded.

The Senate confirmed the following executive nominations by a vote of 47-0:

Amber N. Derr, State Board of Barber Examiners (New Appointment)

Richard W. Vague, Public School Employees’ Retirement Board (New Appointment)

Kimberly M. Barrow, Esq., Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (New Appointment)

Uri Z. Monson, State Employees’ Retirement Board (New Appointment)