SB 810, PN 1398 (Phillips-Hill) – The bill amends Title 71 (State Government) by establishing the Office of Information Technology. A vote of 29-21 was recorded.

SB 983, PN 2000 (DiSanto) – This bill would further provide for the screening of newborn children for certain diseases. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 1075, PN 2067 (Arnold) – Strengthens the enhancement on child pornography crimes against very young children. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 1268, PN 1905 (J. Ward) – The bill amends the Nurse Aide Resident Abuse Prevention Training Act by providing for certification of COVID-19 temporary nurse aides. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 1296, PN 2068 (Argall) – Prohibits a county of the fourth class from buying property in a third-class city and taxing it off the tax roll without municipal and school district approval. A vote of 45-5 was recorded.

SB 1330, PN 1968 (Vogel) – Amends Title 3 (Agriculture) providing milk sell by date and best by date labeling by creating a Subchapter C Milk Sell By Date and best by date labeling. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.