SB 790, PN 1446 (Scarnati) – Establishes the Conventional Oil and Gas Wells Act. Senate concurred in House amendments. A vote of 29-19 was recorded.

HB 30, PN 3853 (Petrarca) – Allows individuals to donate $6 to the ‘Governor Robert P. Casey Memorial Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Trust Fund’ during the biennial vehicle registration process. A vote of 48-0 was recorded.

SB 792, PN 2074 (Brooks) – The bill adds motorcycles for coverage under the Automobile Lemon Law. A vote of 48-0 was recorded.

HB 1617, PN 4572 (Staats) – Amends the Liquor Code (P.L. 90, No 21) to allow for a hotel license to be converted into a restaurant license, except in cities of the first class. A vote of 42-6 was recorded.

HB 2065, PN 4608 (White) – Amends the definition of “public entity” under section 9102 (relating to definitions) of Title 74 (Transportation) to include municipalities, adds definitions. A vote of 43-5 was recorded.