SB 144, PN 390 (Yaw) – An Act prohibiting the use of certain class B firefighting foams under certain circumstances; and imposing powers and duties on the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the State Fire Commissioner. A vote of 36-14 was recorded.

SB 154, PN 126 (Langerholc) – An Act designating three bridges in Cambria County as the East Taylor Township Veterans Memorial Bridge, the Officer Matthew Krupa Memorial Bridge, and the Senior Chief Stanley “Stush” Kubat, Jr., Memorial Bridge, respectively. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 298, PN 382 (Robinson) – This legislation adds subsection (b.2) to Section 4107 of Title 75 which states that if a vehicle is registered and equipped from the original manufacturer with manufacturer designed and manufacturer installed removable doors with the intention to allow removal and reinstallation by the vehicle owner, that vehicle may be operated on the roadways of the Commonwealth with the doors removed. However, when the doors are removed the vehicle must have side mirrors. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 443, PN 377 (Langerholc) – Designates the PVT Donald D. Marsh Memorial Bridge in Cambria County. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.