Post Session Report :: Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Senate Bill 67 PN 1686 (Laughlin): This bill removes the prohibition on Sundays available for hunting and trapping and would leave all wildlife management decisions to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Senator Rothman offered amendment A05382, which returns the composition of the Pennsylvania Game Commission Board to nine members and provides that one of the nine Game Commission Board members shall represent the interests of agricultural commodities that pertain to normal agricultural operations and wildlife. The amendment was adopted, 44-6 and the bill went over as amended.

House Bill 829 PN 3426 (Gergely): This bill amends the Liquor Code providing for omnibus changes in

Pennsylvania liquor stores; in licenses, regulations, and liquor; alcohol, malt, and brewed beverages; and in distilleries, wineries, bonded warehouses, bailees for hire and transporters for hire. The bill was approved 47-3.

Senate Bill 1080 PN 1396 (Culver): This bill amends the Vital Statistics Law to authorize practical nurses to pronounce the death of patients in hospice care.  The bill was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 1129 PN 1718 (Flynn): This bill amends Title 75 (Vehicles) regarding the sale of vehicles on which a total loss payment has been made by an insurer and reports of abandoned vehicles at wholesale vehicle auctions. The bill was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 1177 PN 1550 (Dush): This bill amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to require the inclusion of additional data in the annual Unemployment Compensation report. The bill passed along party lines, 28-22.

Senate Bill 1207 PN 1771 (Aument): This bill establishes a new Section 1322-B (Cell Phone Lockable Bag Pilot Program) in the Public School Code to provide for a grant to cover the cost of purchasing secure cell phone lockable bags.

Senator Aument offered Amendment A05264, which requires the schools’ policy prohibiting the use of cell phones include a permissible use of a school employee during school time to perform the employee’s work and further requires that the report issued on the pilot program be incorporated into the school safety annual report. The amendment was adopted unanimously, 49-1, and the bill went over as amended.

House Bill 1664 PN 3392 (Scott): This bill amends Title 40 (Insurance) to create a new chapter requiring insurance companies or vendors they contract with to provide healthcare providers with multiple options on receiving claim payments.

Senator DiSanto offered Amendment A05225, which deletes “Self-Insured Plans” not subject to ERISA from the definition of Health Benefit Plan and provides for the delivery of a notice or document by the insurer through an electronic medium consistent with the Electronic Transactions Act. The amendment was adopted, 49-1, and the bill went over as amended.

House Bill 2301 PN 3405 (Neilson): This bill amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to make omnibus changes regarding vehicle registration plates and vehicle titling and registration fees. The bill was approved unanimously. 49-1.

House Bill 2233 PN 3164 (Curry): This bill absolves a tow truck owner or operator from violations of certain traffic laws and local ordinances when directed by law enforcement to remove a disabled or wrecked vehicle from the roadway. The bill was approved unanimously.

House Bill 816 PN 2732 (Giral): This bill would require tow truck operators in Philadelphia to obtain photographic evidence of violating vehicles prior to their removal. The bill was approved unanimously.

Senate Bill 1173 PN 1782 (Stefano):This bill amends the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act to provide for wholesale transactions. The bill was concurred in House amendments, 49-1.

The following executive nominee was confirmed 43-7:

Kristen Koppenhafer, Pennsylvania Game Commission