SB 226, PN 195 (Robinson) – This bill amends the Fire and Panic Act to adjust the effective date of Act 42 of 2022, requiring family child-care homes to install interconnected smoke detectors. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.

SB 232, PN 146 (Brooks) – This bill establishes protocols for the removal of a tick from a student.

Amendment A00326 (Brooks) – The amendment adds the requirement that the school provide the parent or guardian with the original results of the test.

The amendment prohibits the school from including testing results, or information regarding the results, in a student’s school medical records.

The amendment prohibits the school from including student identifying information in any data collection related to the disease identified through testing.

The amendment expands the schools subject to the bill. The amendment subjects school districts, intermediate units, charter schools, cyber charter schools, regional charter schools or area career and technical schools to the requirements of the bill.

The amendment makes technical amendments.

The amendment passed by a vote of 49-1 and the bill went over in its order as amended.

SB 433, PN 374 (Baker) – The bill would require a Senate confirmation vote for the position of Director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). A vote of 31-19 was recorded.

SB 466, PN 384 (Brown) – The legislation would extend environmental liability protections to land banks. A vote of 50-0 was recorded.