SB 262, PN 225 (Schwank) – Amends the Maternal Mortality Review Act by adding reporting requirements for the Department of Health and the Maternal Mortality Review Committee regarding maternal morbidity data.

Amendment A00727 (Schwank) – This amendment makes changes to the Maternal Mortality Review Act as it relates to publishing severe maternal morbidity date published by the Maternal Mortality Review Committee, by requiring the data be published in Maternal Mortality Review Committee report published annually.

The amendment was agreed to by a voice vote and the bill went over in its order as amended.

SB 277, PN 241 (Yaw) – The bill updates the Rural Pennsylvania Revitalization Act to provide for membership of the board of directors for the Center for Rural PA. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 453, PN 378 (Phillips-Hill) – The bill amends Titles 42 and 75 to include determinate sentencing for convictions of driving under the influence (DUI), updates the ignition interlock process, and outlines the conditions for accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD). A vote of 48-1 was recorded.