SB 1173, PN 1542 (Stefano) – The bill amends the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act to provide for wholesale transactions.

Amendment A04569 (Stefano) – This amendment is technical and clarifies some of the terms used in the bill.

The amendment was agreed to by a voice vote and the bill went over in its order as amended.

SB 277, PN 196 (Yaw) –The bill amends the Rural Pennsylvania Revitalization Act to change composition of the board and to conduct a study. A vote of 49-1was recorded.

HB 660, PN 2785 (Schlossberg) – An Act amending Title 40 (Insurance) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in regulation of insurers and related persons generally, providing for pet insurance; and imposing penalties. A vote of 50-0 recorded.

SB 1102, PN 1564 (Argall) –The bill establishes an alternative pathway to become a nurse aide in PA and broadens eligibility requirements. A vote of 42-8 was recorded.

SB 1104, PN 1565 (Argall) –The bill permits juniors and seniors in high school to earn school credit for working or volunteering in a congregate care facility. A vote of 29-21 was recorded.