SB 706, PN 1090 (Robinson) – The bill establishes the Max Manufacturing Initiative Fun. A vote of 44-5 was recorded.

SB 922, PN 1173 (Langerholc) – The legislation designates the bridge, identified as Bridge Key 45531, carrying State Route 879 over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Lawrence Township, Clearfield County, as the Gerald “Jerry” Confer Memorial Bridge. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 937, PN 1203 (Brooks) – This bill adds a new section 1303.1 to the Public School Code which prohibits COVID-19 vaccines from being required for school attendance. A vote of 28-21 was recorded.

SB 562, PN 594 (Scavello) – This bill amends the Tax Reform Code to provide for the Airport Land Development Zone (ALDZ) tax credit program which provides a $2,100 tax credit to employers per full-time job created.

Amendment A02937 (Scavello) – Expands the tax credit program to additional airports by including Commercial Service Airports and Non Commercial Service Airports. These are defined as:

  • “Commercial Service Airport” is a publicly owned airport with at least 2,500 annual enplanements and scheduled air carrier service.
  • “Non-commercial Service Airport” is an airport which is either publicly or privately owned, is open to the public, with less than 2,500 annual enplanements and may not have scheduled air carrier service.

The total land eligible for the tax credit may not exceed 4000 acres: 2000 for Commercial Service Airports and 2000 for Non-Commercial Service Airports.

An individual zone is limited to 300 acres consisting of parcels of real property owned by an airport or leased on or before December 31, 2021

The tax credit is limited to $2,100 for each full time job created in the development zone.

The amendment changes the implementation date for the program to July 1, 2022 and it runs through June 30, 2041.

The effective date of the act is changed from 60 days to 30 days. The effective date begins the commencement of the period (4 months) for the DOR to publish guidelines for the administration of the program.

The amendment passed by a vote of 43-6 and the bill was re-referred to the Appropriations Committee.

SB 772, PN 1127 (DiSanto) – The bill amends the Insurance Company Law of 1921 to adopt a consumer best interest standard for annuity recommendations. The bill also reduces the minimum nonforfeiture rate for individual deferred annuities. A vote of 49-0 was recorded.

SB 933, PN 1198 (Martin) – This bill amends the Public School Code to allow legislators who sit on the PASSHE Board of Governors to vote by proxy. A vote of 28-21 was recorded.

HB 1332, PN 2272 (Lewis) – The bill amends the Public School Code to require school entities to post online and constantly update all curriculum, academic standards, instructional materials, assessment techniques, and course syllabus for every course offered, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

Amendment A02802 (L. Williams) – The amendment adds private and nonpublic schools to the list of school entities that must comply with the online curriculum transparency requirements.

The amendment failed by a vote of 21-28. A vote of 28-21 was recorded on the bill.