HB 245, PN 2141 (Kaufer) – The bill amends the Medical Practice Act of 1985 to provide for changes in licensure requirements for international medical school student graduates.

Amendment A03774 (K. Ward) – The amendment makes a technical correction, and clarifies the existing powers provided under a temporary license to health care providers. It also allows temporary license holders to:

  • Attend to the medical and surgical needs of a PA visitor for no more than 3 months;
  • Practice medicine and surgery in response to a need for medical care under a disaster emergency declaration for duration determined by the Medical Board; and
  • Engage in any other purpose the Board deems appropriate.

The amendment passed by a vote of 49-0.

SB 1030, PN 1337 (Yaw) – Amends the Air Pollution Control Act to prohibit DEP from reinstating the California Air Resource Board emission standard for heavy-duty highway diesel engines. A vote of 31-18 was recorded.

SCRRR1 (RGGI Override) – A concurrent resolution disapproving the Environmental Quality Board regulations on a CO2 Budget Trading Program. A vote of 32-17 was recorded and the motion fails.