HARRISBURG – July 20, 2023 – Sen. Nick Miller (D-Lehigh/Northampton) today announced the approval of a $4.9 million loan awarded by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority to the Lehigh County Authority for lead service line replacement in Allentown.

“Eliminating a source of potential lead to the residents of the Lehigh Valley is crucial,” said Miller. “Thanks to PENNVEST, we will be improving the quality of water and service to consumers.”

The loan will go toward replacing 149 private and one public service line in Allentown. Any water line features, like valves and shut-offs, that need replaced will be done so as well. It is not anticipated that rates will rise for residents.

PENNVEST serves communities and citizens of Pennsylvania by funding sewer, storm water and drinking water projects. These projects contribute to improving Pennsylvania’s environment, the health of its people, and provide opportunities for economic growth and jobs for Pennsylvania’s workers. More information is available on the PENNVEST website: https://www.pennvest.pa.gov.