Pennsylvania Lottery

March 16, 2024 − The Pennsylvania Lottery will be updating to new systems, impacting consumers’ ability to purchase tickets after midnight on Monday, March 18, until late into the day on Tuesday, March 19, Sen. Nick Miller advised residents today. 

“I recognize that the lottery is great benefit to Pennsylvanians, helping older residents for decades now,” he said. “I understand some people may be upset by this brief hiatus, but modernizing our systems and programs will lead to better experiences for players. I encourage our lottery players to take a look at the calendar and purchase their tickets accordingly.”  

According to the Department of Revenue, drawings will still occur, but players won’t be able to buy any Fast Play tickets or Draw Game tickets at lottery retail locations or online. Draw Games include Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Treasure Hunt, Cash 5 with Quick Cash, Match 6 Lotto, Cash4Life® and the PICK family of games. Players are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance for these drawings.  

As a reminder, Powerball® drawings take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Meanwhile, Mega Millions® drawings occur on Tuesday and Friday nights. Players interested in playing either game are strongly encouraged to buy their tickets in advance. Players will be able to purchase scratch-off tickets at the counter and at vending machines at lottery retailers via cash only. 

Consumers should also be aware that winning tickets will not be able to be paid during this time period. Claims may also take longer to be fulfilled.  

“I am excited to see how our new systems, with new inventory, enhance the experience of the lottery for all of our players,” said Miller.  

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