• Fund projects in underserved communities

  • Establish the Pennsylvania Occupational Safety and Health Review Board
  • Ensure safe fixed rail public transit maintenance and operation
  • Focus on job creation
  • Provide additional safeties for public transit employees
  • Provide heightened penalties for offenses committed against public transportation employees
  • Ensure safe and accessible public transit for every Pennsylvanian

In Pennsylvania, almost one million people rely on public transit every day.

In the U.S., every $1 invested in public transportation generates $5 in economic returns, every $1 billion invested supports and creates approximately 50,000 jobs.

Home values are up to 24% higher near public transportation than in other areas.

Traveling by public transportation is over 10 times safer per mile than traveling by automobile.

The average American household can save over $13,000 by taking public transportation and living with one less car.

In the U.S., public transportation saves 6 billion gallons of gasoline every year.

Communities that invest in public transit reduce the U.S.’s carbon footprint by 63 million metric tons every year.

87% of public transit trips have a direct impact on the local economy.

Americans create 55% less carbon emissions when they use public transit as opposed to a car.

Seniors depend on shared ride services for 2.1 million trips a year – especially in rural communities.