ReadingSeptember 30, 2022 — The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency will begin accepting applications for a new round of the Non-Profit Security Grant Fund Program today with a pool of $5 million available. 

The application period will run from Sept. 30 to Oct. 31 of 2022. Funding can be used to purchase metal detectors, protective lighting, surveillance equipment, special emergency communications equipment, electronic locksets, deadbolts, trauma kits, theft control devices and more. The funding can also be used to upgrade existing security equipment and to implement safety and security planning.

The $5 million going toward the program was allocated as a part of this year’s budget. Sen. Judy Schwank (D-Berks) has introduced a bill that would permanently fund the program. She is encouraging eligible Berks County non-profits to apply for funding.

“I’m hopeful groups in Berks County will take advantage of this opportunity as they have in the past,” Schwank said. “This is an opportunity to fill crucial needs and improve safety in Berks County, especially at places of worship. I believe this program is worthy of yearly funding and will continue to advocate for legislation to make it permanent.”