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Election Reform

Stop real threat

Pressure grows to loosen party grip on Pennsylvania primary

Editorial: Open primaries can benefit democracy

Child Sexual Abuse

Pa. Senate must answer to victims of child sexual abuse | Editorial

From champion to … pariah? Pa. lawmaker behind clergy abuse reform on the outs with some victims


Editorial: School choice should be discussed, not automatic

Will the financially strapped Allentown School District be taken over by the state?

Our view: Costello’s idea shouldn’t be a pipe dream

Budget and Finance

Projected revenue should spark change in tax collection

Consolidate pension plans

Lawmakers warn of possible ‘death spiral’ for state centers


With future online, casinos pour cash into sportsbooks

Online gambling leaving lottery profits at risk

Start your wagers: NASCAR data deal could lead to more bets

Climate and Energy

Erie’s climate is changing

On the rise: Solar farms begin cropping up in Western Pennsylvania

How clean is your water? A breakdown of the DEP’s latest streams and lakes report


Nurse practitioners say they could bring needed care to rural areas, if only Pennsylvania would let them

So much for do no harm: UPMC left a trail of lies and broken promises

Another central Pa. hospital system and health insurer team up

Trump administration lawyers derided for legal attack to void entire Affordable Care Act

Lawmakers need to act responsibly to prevent more outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases

Paul Muschick on measles outbreak in Pennsylvania: We need a vaccine against ignorance

Deer Hunting

Erie-area retailers weary of Saturday deer opener

Letter to the editor: Consequences of deer season change


Pa. prisons providing help for employers desperate for workers

Prospects for N.J. legal weed bill looking grim, insiders say. It may be put in voters’ hands — next year.

Wheels of justice: Federal court takes strong stand on wrong issue

Trump attacks social media companies after Facebook bans

Editorial | Plan now to make sure nobody gets missed in the 2020 census

Democratic registration margin grows in Delco

Home state politics complicate message for some 2020 Dems

Biden has a lot of advantages, but Obama’s endorsement isn’t one of them