Harrisburg, PA − May 27, 2021 −State Senator Katie Muth (44th Senate District) and members of the Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus hosted a virtual press conference to highlight Senate Resolution 74 that would recognize May 26, 2021 as Fourth Trimester Awareness Day in Pennsylvania.  Senator Muth was joined by Senator Amanda Cappelletti (17th Senate District), Representative Mary Jo Daley (148th House District), and community advocates and healthcare providers Gina Cunningham, Women’s Health/Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist and Megan Itel, Physical Therapist specializing in women’s health and orthopedics.

“During the Fourth Trimester, all mothers deserve care as they experience a wide range of physical, mental, emotional, and social changes, any of which can affect the overall health of the mother and, in turn, their baby,” said Senator Muth.  “Mothers deserve health care that will address all their needs following childbirth, both physical and mental.  Our policies around pregnancy and childbirth should be centered on creating the conditions that will contribute to the best possible outcome for the mothers and their children.”

Senator Muth introduced Senate Resolution 74, which designates May 26, 2021 as the Fourth Trimester Awareness Day and recognizes the critical period of transformation and adaptation that mothers go through after the birth of a child.  This resolution would call attention to the fact that continuing care for mothers post-childbirth needs to be prioritized to ensure resources are available to new mothers based on their individual needs.  

“Over the past 10 years, the timing of maternal deaths have shifted, with the majority of maternal deaths now occurring from day one to one year following delivery.”  Senator Muth continued, “Many, if not most, of these tragedies are completely avoidable.  We must prioritize continuing health care, meaningful paid family leave, and continuous support following childbirth.  We can provide adequate care and ensure that all families have the best possible outcomes following this monumental life change.”

A video recording of the press conference can be found here and information regarding Senate Resolution 74 can be found here.  For more information or to contact Senator Muth directly, please visit www.SenatorMuth.com or call the Royersford District Office at (610) 792-2137.