December 20, 2023 – State Senator John I. Kane, the only Master Plumber in the Pennsylvania State Senate, is pleased to announce the allocation of over $11 million in H2O and Small Water and Sewer (SWS) grants for various initiatives across Pennsylvania’s 9th district.

The H2O and SWS grants are specifically designed to enhance infrastructure and public health in Pennsylvania. The funds are directed towards the construction, improvement, expansion, repair, or rehabilitation of water supply and sanitary sewer systems. These grants are essential for maintaining and improving water quality and sanitation, directly impacting public health and the quality of life for residents in these areas.

“I’m pumped to announce these significant grants that will substantially enhance our district’s water and sewer infrastructure, ensuring that folks throughout the 9th District have access to clean and safe water,” said Senator Kane. “This funding represents a significant investment in the future health and water safety in our communities. Our motto at the plumbers was “we protect the health of the nation.” I’m proud to continue that work here in the Senate.”

The allocation of these grants is a major win for the 9th district. It will improve the quality and reliability of water services, contribute to public health, and support the prosperity and growth of our communities.

H2O Grants:

  • West Goshen Sewer Authority: $1,500,000
  • Chester Water Authority: $1,900,000
  • Birmingham Township: $340,000
  • Borough of Kennett Square: $551,500
  • Nether Providence Township: $450,225
  • Middletown Township Sewer Authority: $1,500,000

SWS Grants:

    • Bethel Township Sewer Authority: $290,700
    • Chester Township: $297,500
    • Lower Chichester Township (Maise Drive Stormwater Improvement): $247,260
    • Lower Chichester Township (Morton Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements): $189,337
    • Brookhaven Borough: $391,977
    • Upland Borough: $382,500
    • Avondale Borough: $400,057
    • Chester Heights Borough: $407,467
    • West Grove Borough: $500,000
    • Westtown Township: $368,445
    • Aston Township: $346,440
    • Middletown Township Sewer Authority: $408,000
    • Southern Delaware County Authority: $425,000
    • Thornbury Township: $407,434
    • Southwest Delaware County Municipal Authority: $99,952
    • Marcus Hook Borough: $50,634

Senator Kane expressed his congratulations to all the recipients, stating, “These funds represent our commitment to ensuring that everyone in our district, and ultimately our entire Commonwealth, has access to clean, safe water. I want to congratulate all the recipients on their successful applications and thank them for their ongoing commitment to our community.”