November 15, 2023 – Sen. Nick Miller (D-Lehigh/Northampton) today announced that the Kiddie City Early Learning Center in Allentown will receive a $15,000 grant from the Department of Agriculture to deliver stronger child nutrition and hands-on learning. 

“This program allows local farmers to provide students with their crops, a win-win situation,” said Miller. “Students will now have access to fresh, local food, while local farmers will be compensated for their harvests.”

The program also provides funding for students to visit local farms, grow school gardens and learn about occupational opportunities available in agriculture.

“Agriculture is a critical component in the Lehigh Valley,” added Miller. “These students will now have early education on both farm culture and lifestyle. Additionally, the bonus of having fresh, local food available for meals is an incredible opportunity for their nutrition.”

The PA Bill Farm-to-School Grants provided more than $600,000 to 56 schools, school districts and childhood education centers in 28 counties across the commonwealth. The maximum amount awarded is $15,000.