Senator Tim Kearney

SPRINGFIELD, PA – September 22, 2022 – Recently, Crozer Health announced plans to close the emergency department at Delaware County Memorial Hospital and reopen it as an inpatient behavioral health facility.

Below, you can find Senator Tim Kearney’s statement regarding this announcement:

“Crozer’s closure of DCMH is a reprehensible abandonment of our communities, and not only threatens the lives of patients near the hospital, but also the entire network of hospitals that will have to take patients who would have gone to DCMH. This entirely avoidable closure could have been prevented if there had been laws to protect our hospitals from private equity looters.

Crozer’s move to shut down DCMH threatens the integrity of our entire region’s hospital network by sending patients to other emergency rooms and units. In the wealthiest country in the world, it is outrageous that we can’t keep open basic health services because of for-profit looting and mismanagement. This country needs serious healthcare reform.”