Baby Shower

PHILADELPHIA, July 14, 2022 – On Saturday, July 9th Senator Street hosted a community baby shower for families and expecting parents.

“It is critical we support families in real and measurable ways,” said Senator Street “Following a surge of newborns during the pandemic, my wife, April, brainstormed ways in which we could support new and expecting parents. We decided that a Community Baby Shower would be impactful, uplifting and positive for many families struggling. I’m proud to join our sponsors in convening an event with over 40 vendors providing all the essentials for newborns and new parents including critical resources for pre-natal care.”

Senator Street was joined by Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal and Philadelphia Councilmembers Helen Gym, Cindy Bass, Isaiah Thomas and Maria Quinones-Sanchez. Key sponsors for this event included Temple University Health, Temple Hospital, Women Infants & Children (WIC), United Healthcare and City of Dreams Coalition. The event was hosted by Temple’s Office of Community Affairs and Engagement, whose Executive Director, Andrea Swan, said “was pleased” that Temple University was chosen as the venue. “We were able to connect guests to our enrichment programming for children, teens and adults. I hope that more of our families in North Philadelphia will want to connect with Temple for Trainings, education, and employment opportunities.”

The City of Dreams Coalition provided hundreds of bassinets for new and expecting parents. President Taleah Taylor shared that they were “honored to be a part of the 1st Annual Community Baby Shower,” and that “the mission to support young mothers and family caregivers was a complete success as they were given access to hundreds of community resources, as well as, the necessities to care for the babies from the start. The 1st Annual Baby Shower had a deep impact on the community as a variety of resources such as, mental health, domestic violence awareness, access to medical care and so much more were provided.”

Providers and participants included:

  • Acelero
  • Attentive Care Service Agency
  • Better Civics
  • Black Women’s Health Alliance
  • Center for Leadership Development and Advocacy
  • DHS
  • ELRC Region 18, Philadelphia County
  • Food Trust
  • Frazier Family Coalition
  • Gateway Community Action Partnership
  • Health Federation of Philadelphia
  • Health Partners Plans
  • Homecare Associates
  • Keystone HMO CHIP’s
  • Maternity Care Coalition
  • Office of Senator Sharif Street
  • PECO
  • Pennie
  • Pennsylvania State Police| Office of Community Engagement
  • Philadelphia Community Action Network
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Div. Maternal, Child and Family Health
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health/Division Maternal Child & Family Health
  • Philadelphia Department of Revenue
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority
  • Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office
  • PhiladelphiaWorks
  • Succor, Inc.
  • Temple Center for Population Health
  • Temple Health Systems
  • Temple Maternal Health Equity Program/ Maternal Wellness Village-Oshun Family Center
  • TUH Breastfeeding resource center
  • Temple School of Dentistry
  • Temple University – Digital Divide Program
  • TFP Pediatrics
  • The Health Federation of Philadelphia- Early Head Start
  • TUH Women & Infants
  • TUHS Financial Counseling
  • TUHS Government Affairs
  • United Health Care
  • Uptown Radio WJYN
  • Urban League with Food Truck
  • WIC