Harrisburg – June 10, 2020 – State Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) released the following statement in opposition to the vote to end Governor Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 Emergency Disaster Declaration:

“Yesterday, Republican politicians in Harrisburg decided to prematurely end the COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration announced by Governor Wolf on March 6th. This impulsive action was taken on the same day U.S. COVID-19 advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the state of emergency, ‘is not over.’

Just because Republicans voted to end the emergency declaration does not end the very real public health pandemic we have been facing since March. When Governor Wolf announced the executive order to close non-essential businesses and require residents to stay at home, it was a difficult but necessary decision for the safety of all Pennsylvanians. A Drexel University study reported that between March 23 and May 5, over 200,00 lives were saved, and over 2 million hospitalizations were avoided. The Republican disregard for public health is reprehensible.

What is at stake with the end of the emergency declaration? Millions of federal dollars that were given to Pennsylvania for COVID-19 relief may be lost. Thousands of Pennsylvanians could lose their unemployment benefits. Meals for school children would end. Telehealth which has been extremely important to the mental health of Pennsylvania residents could be lost. The safety and security of thousands of Pennsylvanians could be at risk.

We cannot lose the progress we created during the emergency declaration. We have successfully flattened the curve. This irresponsible move could risk the health of millions of Pennsylvanians.”