Chestnut Hill Hospital Zoom

PHILADELPHIAAugust 9, 2022 – Congressman Dwight Evans (D-PA-3rd), state Sen. Art Haywood (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) and representatives of several area health-care systems held a news conference today to urge approval of an agreement that would keep Chestnut Hill Hospital open.

The agreement will need the approval of the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office and of Tower Health bondholders. Tower Health is the current owner of the hospital.

Evans said, “This agreement is an important step forward to secure the future of Chestnut Hill Hospital, and it’s important for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. A few years ago, I pledged ‘No more Hahnemanns!’ – and since that time, I have worked with our hospitals to ensure they remain strong and able to serve their communities. We saw that happen with Jefferson and Einstein, and we look forward to seeing it happen again with Temple, Redeemer, PCOM, and Chestnut Hill Hospital. 

“Our hospitals are one of the main backbones of the city, and we must all work and use all the tools in our toolbox to keep them open – and able to provide quality care to the people in Philadelphia, and everyone else who seeks their care. I know Senator Haywood has been very focused on this as well. I want to thank Michael Young and others from Temple, and all of the partners in this agreement, for their tremendous efforts here.”

Haywood said, “I am elated that Temple Health, Redeemer Health, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine will lead Chestnut Hill Hospital into the future. My advocacy with Congressman Dwight Evans and Dr. John Cacciamani, President and CEO of Chestnut Hill Hospital, helped Tower Health and many others to see the gem that we saw. We all came together to work hard and keep this hospital open. Keeping Chestnut Hill Hospital in the community is a victory for the residents of northwest Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and the entire Commonwealth.”

“This cooperative relationship among alliance members is a novel solution for preserving an important hospital that has been serving its community for over 100 years,” said Michael A. Young, MHA, FACHE, president & CEO of Temple Health. “Each member of the alliance has deep roots in the northwest Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery County communities served by Chestnut Hill Hospital. Each has an interest in preserving this precious community resource, and each brings distinct value to the table. There is significant opportunity for bringing world-class patient care into this community hospital. We believe this process will make Chestnut Hill Hospital a durable and vital source of superb care for the community, and we are optimistic of a favorable outcome for the community and the alliance.”

“Creating new partnerships adds value to the communities we serve,” said Mike Laign, president and CEO at Redeemer Health. “In this case, our alliance is providing a novel solution to preserve Chestnut Hill Hospital, which has provided vital services to northwest Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery County for almost 120 years. This partnership is the right thing to do, and it provides yet another opportunity for Redeemer Health to support its mission to care, comfort and heal.”

“Through this Alliance, PCOM will expand its clinical and medical education capabilities. This will enhance our ability to train the next generation of healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Jay S. Feldstein, DO, president and CEO of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. “We also look forward to lending our expertise in primary and community health care to support Chestnut Hill Hospital as it continues to serve as a critical resource for the local community.”

Dr. John Cacciamani, MD, president and CEO of Chestnut Hill Hospital, said, “Chestnut Hill Hospital is grateful to Temple Health, Redeemer Health and PCOM for considering the opportunity that this acquisition can provide to sustain quality health care services to the northwest Philadelphia region. I cannot imagine a better group of partners to bring their academic and clinical strengths to our community. The behind-the-scenes work done by our local and state representatives including Art Haywood, Dwight Evans, and Stephen Kinsey among others, has made this arrangement come to fruition. Thank you for demonstrating your care for our patients, our employees, and the community at large.”